Structure Tech

I am certain that I do not have to sell you on the many Advantages Of Metal Structures? for Tropical Climates. However, I would like to emphasize that there is a special advantage to using cold rolled Steel Frame or extruded Aluminum Frame components for framing light structures in a "Column & Joist" style (similar to the old style: a "Post and Beam" construction but lighter). The numbers of parts and quantities of each of these parts in the frame assembly are reduced. A "Wide Span Structure?" or Tunnel Greenhouse or an Agri POD are assembled quickly using bolts. Low cost wire mesh "curtain wall" construction can be used to build opaque, insulated wall construction, while the roof cover makes use of inexpensive (but advanced scrim & laminate coated) Sola Fabric. Thus, the cost of load bearing wall construction is eliminated, since the structure is supported by columns. The joists are bolted to columns that may be formed from laminated steel channels or hollow square tubing. The columns are set on 3 M spacing (in the column row) by 6 to 9 M grid (the typical span across the building bay). These open web joists are the strong elements carry the lightweight free-span floor and roof systems. The Floor Structures? carry conventional loads but the design utilizes the great economy of wire mesh to create the floor deck. Cross Bracing? makes this all-metal frame rigid and the footing requirements are minimized. Excellent wind tie down is afforded by running the wire mesh into the ground and/or making an earth berm onto the trailing edge of the mesh wall. There are several low-cost methods for finishing the curtain wall or knee wall construction around the building perimeter.