Bubble Tech

Bubble Tech uses equipment called Bubble Generators which are positioned within the Bubble Cavity formed by the double layer transparent roof and/or wall. The Bubble Generators blow bubbles from a Soap Solution that rapidly fill the Bubble Cavity to dynamically control the building envelope temperature, insulation property, and radiation transmission and reflection. There are two basic modes of use:

Bubble Shading and Dynamic Cooling? on Summer Days? and in Hot Climates See also Tropical Climates page for more information. The liquid bubbles provide hundreds of layers of bubbles of about 6 mm (1/4 inch) diameter since a typical roof would be one meter thick. This provides a shade that is similar to cloud cover and absorbs the invisible heat spectrum of the sun. The advantage is cool daylight under the transparent roof that greatly reduces stress and improves productivity and comfort in the controlled environment space.

Bubble Insulating and Dynamic Heating? on Winter Nights? and in Cold Climates? See also Nordic Climates? page for more information. The liquid bubbles provide a thick blanket of insulation at night that is able to reduce the heat loss by a factor of ten times as compared to standard double polyethylene covered greenhouses and is about 15 times improvement over a single glass covered greenhouse. The renewal of the bubbles brings the stored solar gain from the Liquid Thermal Mass system to the building envelope so that no conventional heating is required inside the Solar Controlled Environment space during cold nights.

The "proof of concept" or Pilot for the Agri POD "Vertical Greenhouse" was completed in Norway, by my enterprise Life Synthesis in the summer of 2012. This is about 30 years after my first Proof of Concept that I built in Montreal in 1982. During my life as an inventor I have created such small, functioning models of Sola Roof in several countries, over a period of 3 decades.

In both cases the same process is used:

The proper function of bubble generation, regeneration and destruction give complete control over the properties of the Sola Roof and together with the Liquid Solar process of climate control the Bubble Technology can produce ideal environments for growing plants and housing animals and providing healthy living, working and recreational spaces. The Sola Roof processes are very dynamic and can be constantly monitored to provide automated response to the changes in the outside weather conditions. The system can capture solar thermal gain during the day, store it in the liquid thermal mass, and then distribute this low temperature energy throughout the building envelope at night to eliminate the need for conventional heating of the interior space.

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