Blue Green

The Blue Green solution = SAVE the Environment and the Global Ecology

If you are interested in an answer to the worldwide Energy Crisis that will save the environment and put a stop to Global Warming you should take the opportunity to look into the breakthrough Blue Green systems for the construction of Sustainable Communities. These designs use a transparent roof construction that provides an alternative to air-conditioning, which we call the Blue Green solution. This is a natural approach to cooling that puts (Blue) water and (Green) plants to work for us to intercept the solar radiation on the roofs of communities, thereby reducing the Heat Island? effect of urban development.

In Tropical Climates the plant Leaf Canopy? spreads over the rooftop and will catch and convert, with 100 percent efficiency, most of the sun's heat energy into (transpired) water vapor while the balance of the energy is used (photosynthesis) by the plants to grow - and be converted to food, feed, fiber and/or biofuel. The primary cost is consumption of water. However, the very least amount of water is consumed in this natural process. Unlike any other roof design, the living, Blue Green shade canopy remains cool. (Think of walking in bare feet from hot paving onto cool grass and you will know what I mean).

In Cold Climates? the plant Leaf Canopy? must be sheltered within the roof using the Sola Roof Tech to provide a Solar Controlled Environment Growing Space? that will permit the plants to grow through all seasons. While there are less hours of sunshine during the winter there are longer summer days and the total annual energy conversion potential is good but requires, for all season use, a closed atmosphere Growing Space? that can be Carbon Dioxide Enriched?, and therefore attain very high Photo Synthesis? efficiency. Such "Phyto Technology?" process enhances growth and yield of all kinds of plant products but has the greatest effect on algae, simple plants and young plants where there is remarkable effect that makes this method (considering the low cost) a first choice for energy conversion. Some areas of the Solaroof, by avoiding the dense cover of a Leaf Canopy? will provide more Day Light?, especially during the winter season.