Back Yard Project

This is a free standing backyard greenhouse, with a segmented arch frame. It is 3 meters wide and 5 meters long on the inside, with a half meter of Liquid Bubble Insulation all around. For size I think that this layout has very appropriate dimensions that will enable a substantial contribution to fresh food for the family.

I believe what I am designing could be considered a backyard project. My wife teaches horticulture and needs a greenhouse to do plant research in. She has one patent on the Regal Geranium, and is hoping to create more.

I'm wondering if I can develope a solaroof style that would appeal to the hobbyist gardender and also serve as a sunroom addition. I would want a solid skin and an atractive style, plus ease of operation and reliability for the homeowner.

Ron Green Macomb, IL

Ron, I also think that there are many who would want to have a an attached (to the south side of the home) or lean-to greenhouse - please have a look at our drawing here: Sun Space.