Building Construction

The Importance of the Building Construction Sector

During the next 30 years more structures will be built than have existed since the beginning of recorded history. In the leading industrial countries building heating, cooling and lighting is the largest single consumer of energy – larger than the entire transportation sector – and the majority of this energy demand is for electricity. Recognizing that most electrical production is from coal and, combined with the high power generation losses, we can say that building lighting and air-conditioning are the greatest cause of pollution and CO 2 accumulation in the atmosphere.

Therefore adopting the SOLAROOF building construction - that eliminates the need for air-conditioning - is the most strategic action we can take to reduce global warming and rethinking urban design is the greatest opportunity to achieve substantial improvement in the quality of life for people and benefit the planet at the same time. It is also important to know that the great majority of buildings are homes and residences; and therefore our DIY, modular SOLAROOF – home, villa and village designs - can directly transform the broad base of the “built environment”. Working at the grass roots level SOLAROOF homes, residential developments and communities will provide the foundation for health and wellbeing; and, in addition we need to bring the same healing environment and balance with nature into our places of work, commerce, industry and recreation.

Some sectors such as ecotourism, recreational and public projects are good “early adopter” markets to approach to give our products high visibility and public exposure. The greenhouse and biotechnology industry are large markets that will readily accept our advanced technology for greater efficiency and profitability of their operations and therefore SE Net, with leadership from Sun Structures? and other startup ventures, SE Net will implement an aggressive marketing and partnering plan to reach these sectors. Additionally, the SOLAROOF rooftop method for growing biomass for conversion to bio-fuel represents a special opportunity to turn urban developments into CO 2 sequestration projects through conversion of the urban roofscapes into an extensive “Sola Roof Garden”, a version of which will be on offer from Sun Structures? late in 2004.