Family Farm

Sola Roof DIY is for households in the city or suburbs of the Consumer Economies? and also for strengthening the livelihood of families in the country in any part of the world. Sola Roof provides an option to the Family Farm to produce in the Solar Greenhouse rather from the land. Rural agriculture therefore can become more intense as it transforms from extensive, mono-crop agriculture (see: Chemical Dependent Agriculture) to sustainable, intensive growing within a Controlled Environment, which results in less exposure to the threats of Climate Change and makes a contribution to solutions for Global Warming.

Most modern technology is mechanistic and is harmful to soil and planetary ecology. For this reason the inputs for agricultural production have been steadily rising in cost and can only go higher due to the dependency of agriculture on Fossil Fuel and Agro Chemicals?. Sola Roof offers the solution of Eco Dynamic systems that are based on our Blue Green paradigm and we seek Biomimicry Technology and Ecomimicry Architecture for the creation of "living structures". The first of these living structures are the SolarGreenhouses, which our Open Source collaboration will establish all over the world. The next phase is pioneering Eco Habitat, which is a fusion of the greenhouse with the built environment - a home to people, plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and algae - a complete Closed Ecological Life Support Systems?.

This may sound complex, however these natural processes are low-cost and knowledge based; they offer totally regenerative production so that input costs are very low or eliminated, in the sense that our operations produce more of all inputs than is required for our high value production of food, feed, fiber and fuel crops, clean electrical power and pure water. The Family Farm that builds on the foundation of Sola Roof has a secure prosperity and together we can build a future of abundance.