Architectural Apps

Architectural Apps will be very diverse and will include many building types such as the Garden Home or Eco Villa? and both the rural Eco Village and urban Eco City? projects need to be planned and designed that will create living, working and recreational spaces, which are always comfortable and productive using our highly efficient Blue Green solutions. We look here at the "whole systems" approach to design that offers ecological life support to create self reliant living patterns which can be pioneered by cities and towns based on our exemplar project with our City of Drammen waste recycling/treatment enterprise Lindum. These applications all must express the living structures pattern that is based upon growing living plants for F 2 W 2 F 4 E?, which is a new paradigm for Solar Energy? conversion to that sustains the process of Food 2 Waste 2 Food, Feed, Fibre, Fuel 4 Energy that is for community integrated solutions for waste disposal, where all organic wastes, after treatment using anaerobic Bio Digesters? are broken down to valuable Bio Resources? that are used as input to produce abundant food, feed, fiber and fuel for clean energy - all these essentials are thereby produced locally - within urban communities.