Vertical Farming

Dr. Dickson Despommier has written a book called Vertical (Oct 2010), which is an important creative contribution to the development of Urban Agriculture, which is a term that I don't like as much as urban farming, since agriculture is about extensive mono-cultures that do harm to the land and the soil, while faming need not be land or soil based and yet can still be organic, natural and nutritious. Vertical Farming in the city can be more natural then it is now practiced by Chemical Dependent Agriculture.

I hope to see discussion here about Dr Despommier's brilliant ideas and as a way to explore some of the practical issues (since I have also been somewhat critical that current challenges to Controlled Environment growing are not presented) that Sola Roof can have a roll to enable. The first idea to prototype Vertical Farming is a proposal that I seek to implement for a Vertical Greenhouse, which is an Tunnel Greenhouse of special geometry and unusual height in relation to footprint, which we call Agri POD.