DI Yers

The Sola Roof Community is a social network that can connect with people at different levels that include global collaboration to build knowledge and share experience and support for local action by individuals, families and communities to to build Sola Roof Projects that enable our goal: "grow your own food". At the core of our movement are people who are self-directed and motivated and believe in self-help and self-reliant living. These are the DI Yers who have the skills and will acquire the skills (and learn from each other) to build Sola Roof projects in the early "pioneering" stage of the paradigm shift.

We are establishing the Sola Roof Coop to support these DI Yers by organizing the core members of the DIY Food Movement? to take collective action to source the key components of a standardized DIY Kit. The intention is not to offer a consumer product - but rather to enable more self-build projects. A further level of cooperation is anticipated: that some of the COOP Members will establish a network of social entrepreneurs - these are the people who will create the green jobs and sustainable livelihoods that will provide a foundation for sustainable prosperity.

I am counting on the DI Yers of the world to start the world changing paradigm shift from the grassroots. Lets not wait for the "professionals", government or the commercial sector - we need a vast grassroots movement to save ourselves and the planet!