SE Net


The global community is a vision for a vast number of enterprise Working Openly together in a network of collaboration and cooperation which has been referred to as the Sola Roof Enterprise Network or SE Net. As the inventor of Sola Roof, it is my goal to work with selected Enterprise Partners who have adopted our Open Source license and would like recognition as co-creators of exemplar products as platforms for many and various applications.

Sola Roof combines Cool Roof methods, Ecological Life Support Systems, and Solar Technology it is a design approach to build sustainable homes and communities. Our structural systems are based on decades of highly successful work by Richard Nelson on transparent buildings, which employ many advanced materials technologies. Sola Roof advances the technology for , which are transparent building envelopes, by specifying transparent Sola Fabric materials; a building cladding that is made from strong, flexible, light-weight coated fabrics and laminate sheet material. These materials are used in multiple layers to cover highly engineered metal structures. The metal structures are prefabricated with precision mass production methods and can be applied to all kinds of building use. Such advanced construction has many advantages including cost savings in construction and, due to the bolted assembly and Sola Fabric attachment system, the ability to relocate the buildings, which have a very low shipping weight and volume.

Sola Roof transparent structures will have an advantage over other building systems in that they will incorporate both Photovoltaic and Photosynthesis processes that use advanced methods for solar energy conversion and use. These buildings are more because their operation is guided by knowledge based control systems. Computer expert systems will be the standard for the implementation of Sola Roof projects that assure the optimum function and operation of all building processes. Computer automated control of the ecological, energy and climate control systems that regulate all the building and environmental functions qualify our projects as advanced systems.

Sola Roof building projects are not only intelligent they have the unique advantage of systems that are able to mimic natural processes to the degree that a Sola Roof building can be described as a . This advancement achieves an integration of building, mechanical systems, water working & living plants (the solution) and eco-systems within the building that together provide Closed Ecological Life Support Systems (CELSS) for persons, creatures and ecologies that inhabit the building. Thus human habitats of all types residential, work, recreation and public spaces can be provided the means to produce water, food, and energy and create self-reliant family and community units. Sola Roof projects can be substantially self-sufficient and operate with nearly zero emissions or effluents and thus have much less environmental impact than conventional construction. The Sola Roof projects may therefore be sited closer to sensitive natural ecosystems without problems of disruption or contamination of the surrounding environment.

The key to the success of our Open Source technology is that the SE Net will be able to supply both the intelligent controls (the software) and the innovative materials (the hardware) that are needed construct a new generation of buildings that are appropriate for the new millennium. From the footings to the rooftop our Blue Green building systems capture and use renewable energy we tap into the geo-energy of lake, ocean and the earth for cooling and the abundant solar radiation for daylight and energy conversion utilizing sustainable ambient energy resources that are freely available everywhere.


The Sola Roof Community will break away from the worldwide trends towards consumer lifestyles where people have lost their sense of community and have limited opportunity to free themselves from the pattern of growth and high consumption. We will give the new options to get away and experience a refreshing and vibrant Eco Living lifestyle, to learn about and understand ecological life support systems that they may take home or adopt in their own communities. Modern cities create highly stressed, insecure and supply dependent populations that are isolated and separated from nature, neighbors and traditional values. The loss of individual and community self-reliance is characteristic of the process of globalization, which is gradually working to move people from rural and village environments into modern, urban sprawl cities. This is considered the price we pay for prosperity, but we intend to show an alternative lifestyle that is more attractive and productive; a sustainable lifestyle that is satisfying on both the material and spiritual level.

Sola Roof is an accessible DIY technology will restore grass roots control to people and attract those who desire to restore authentic communities in which to raise their children and protect the environment. Our SE Net will offer products that are designed for restoration, healing and environmental recovery. Residents of Sola Roof homes, villa and village projects will invest in a resort-like lifestyle with recreational features, services and security not typically available in ordinary residential developments. There will be less stress and a greater sense of enjoyment of daily life, as if living at a retreat; Sola Roof garden residences will be a refuge from the uncertainties of life the concrete . Furthermore our projects create income opportunities, distributed wealth, energy, food, water; and we are dedicated, project by project, to the elimination of the foundations of poverty and exploitation through building self-reliant communities.