Working Openly

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 2:19 PM, Tiffany von Emmel ( wrote:

Hi folks,

A number of contributors in Dreamfish have been working on projects, such as video, brochure, music, blog stories, and design. I notice we're getting into a pattern of "Working Closed". I am also finding myself doing this, and want to get more conscious about my choices.

Because I imagine that this is indicative of a larger pattern among us, I want to discuss together and develop some patterns that make us stronger.

What's "Working Closed"? Here's what I see happening... starting use of a Dreamfish collaboration tool (project management task list and file upload, Dreamfish Pad and Chat) and then reverting to old tool, email use of email primarily for task management files being kept locally on computer instead of in location where it can be accessed by anyone emailing one person instead of all involved, Reply to list, Reply All

A few of the problems with Working Closed are: Individuals in the network cannot see the work. So we cannot learn from one another, easily ask for help or give feedback. Info is not available for anyone in the network to pick up and move forward, when something happens (a volunteer is not available, network connection is down, computer sick). Breakdowns occur and projects drop when resource goes away or can't be found. Costs become higher.

Essentially, we become "brittle" as a network (Pete Kaminski's term), rather than fluid network like water.

Dreamfish is a network of people. Our diversity can make us extraordinarily rich. When each one of us Works Out Loud in the network, that little bit of extra effort to be connected while working can liberate a lot of value in the network. Costs go down. New ideas emerge. New channels for distribution happen.

So, What is Working Out Loud? How do we support Working Out Loud? Exploring it through discussion is good, and practice is even better for learning. So, I'd like to hold conference call experiential workshops on Working Out Loud, where we practice different ways of working out loud and reflect on what we are learning. How does this sound?

thinking out loud,


This is the idea of open collaboration that will help us to move our Sola Roof Projects forward - getting more help offered and also encouraging others to replicate any successful patterns. - Sola Roof Guy