Profiles Page

At most WikiWebs you have the opportunity to set up your own personal page that is often called your HomePage on that Wiki. At the Sola Roof Wiki we have a slightly different approach that provides the opportunity to establish a Personal Website and so we refer to the HomePage of this Personal Space as YourNameHomePage. You go there from a link on your Profiles Page and also from an index of all the PersonalWebsites as well as other links that may occur within the Sola Roof Wiki. Your address is written like this - Solaroofguy/SolaroofguyHomePage; but is deplayed as Solaroofguy Home Page.

When you edit our Wiki you are asked to provide a User Name and this is the same name that will be used your Profiles Page in the format: Profiles/UserName; and when you make new pages or edit existing pages you are automatically identified by the Recent Changes feature that records who makes each edit and the time of the edit. Therefore, it is easy for members to find your Profiles Page and from there go to your Personal Space where they can get to know you better and engage in some relationship building. These are more in the nature of communications purpose and relationship building rather then collaboration - thus there is less concern about being On Topic? and the discussion and interaction can be between you and smaller groups. In fact some of the Personal Space activity is specially created to assist people to Team Up? with you.

Friends, please do set up your Profiles Page - it will be the hub of your activity within the Sola Roof Community.