Solaroofguy Home Page

I no long use this personal Wiki Group - please go to Sola Roof Guy (Usa2k thanks anyway for fixing the page)

Hello SOLAROOF Friends,

Welcome to my (old) personal website here at SOLAROOF (now replaced by Sola Roof Guy) - I hope that we will be building a community here as much as developing sustainable living technology! Please leave a note, say hello or leave your contact details at my Wiki Blog (for the old log - not active now - use the link on the Sidebar).

This is sometimes referred to as a FrontLawn - a place where off topic restrictions are relaxed so that we have the chance to get to know each other better. You are very welcome to establish an internet presence here by creating your own website see my Website Creation Help page.

I am exploring the creation of a Wiki Web Log at Front Page. The purpose is to provide a simple but powerful way to maintain an interactive Log where I can share some of my thinking and help focus my goals - and get your feedback on that. It can also be used as a PIM.

Here are some quick links: