User Name

The User Name is your unique identity here at the Sola Roof Wiki. Some Wiki Communities request the use of Real Names, which you can make from your name like this - Richard Nelson - but soon "real names" will result in duplication and so I don't see any problem with using nicknames or "handles"; for example I am known as SolaRoofGuy?. Once you decide on a User Name you need to list it on the Sola Roof Members page by editing that page to add your User Name to the list using this format of text in the edit window:

  • {{~YourName}}

You can copy this text and then go to Sola Roof Members and open the edit window; make a new line at the bottom of the list and paste it there; change YourName to the User Name you have choosen; then SAVE the page. You will find

  • YourName?

In the list and you just click on the ? hyperlink to open your own Profiles/YourName page that is yours alone to write and to introduce us to you and give us some idea of your purpose here. After you SAVE this page you will see your User Name appearing in the Sola Roof Members like this:

So now your User Name is registered in the Profiles Group pages which are all monitored for Recent Changes and so this gives us a way to link our Personal Space with the Open Space of the Wiki. I think that once we get used to this communication function that it will greatly assist our collaboration.

Also, like my Profiles/SolaRoofGuy page you can establish links to a Personal Website (like Sola Roof Guy) and or a personal Wiki Web Log (like SolaRoofGuy Wiki Blog) and/or an Enterprise Website or Sola Roof Project that should be listed at the Sola Roof Projects page.