Bubble Flow

The concept of Bubble Flow is essential for the proper function of Liquid Bubble Insulation and Liquid Bubble Shading? - this is because the Sola Roof Bubble Tech process is dynamic and there is a requirement to generate, destroy and regenerate the bubbles in response to the climatic conditions and the control of the internal environment.

The key requirement for Bubble Flow is a re-circulation Bubble Flow Path. This means that the bubbles move around a closed circuit in the Cavity Space of the building envelope. In the simple case of the Sola Roof DIY projects we have usually just one recirculation path for the bubbles to move and circulate. In these systems the bubbles start from one BG Unit? at one End Wall? and move along one side of the tunnel structure to the opposite End Wall?, where at the end of the Ridge Partition? there is the other BG Unit? that is taking air out from that same side and is using that air to blow the bubbles that will flow and channel in the opposite direction in the other Side Wall? of the tunnel.