Cavity Space

Cavity Space is the area formed within the inner and outer skins of the Sola Fabric roof and wall panels. It is delimited laterally by the Roof Truss? which acts as a partition to create a "recirculating" Bubble Flow Path. Typically, a Cavity Space has an aspect ratio of one meter depth and three to four meters width. The Cavity Space contains the Bubble Tech system and it is subdivided by means of the modular nature of the Wall Panels? and Roof Panels?. For Sola Roof DIY there is a simplified configuration with one Roof Truss? at the ridge of a Tunnel Greenhouse that partitions the Cavity Space into two channels for Bubble Flow - one on each side of the ridge, which is typically a North Side Cavity? and a South Side Cavity?. The BG Units are positioned at opposite ends of the structure and mounted on the Ridge Partition?. The partition of the Cavity Space in the Tunnel Greenhouse is formed by the Ridge Partition? and the Wall Partition? at each End Wall?.