Sola Roof DIY

This is a mission to build a community of self-reliant families. Sola Roof is applied to backyard Solar Greenhouse and recreational use like year around pools and sunspaces that can be attached to the home or as atria, courtyards or completely enclosing the Garden Home.

The vast majority of all homes are build by owners or builders living in the community. Sola Roof DIY will enable families and entrepreneurs to self-build using modular DIY Kit systems. The initial goal of the COOP is to produce the DIY Kit for a backyard Tunnel Greenhouse. This will allow for a learning curve for all everyone involved: the DI Yers, the COOP Members and Enterprise Members and our initiative for Open Manufacturing. Since all of these activities link to the Sola Roof Coop, it is most appropriate to have detailed discussion within the Sola Roof Coop group.