my comment at Just Means on Food As Fuel - http://bit.ly/FoodAsFuel

Tricia, I enjoyed you article. I was at a conference in London and in a breakout session on biofuel I was at a table with two youth who were dead set against biofuel (you know all the reasons) - but I said to them that all biofuel is not bad! They were adamant all fuel is bad and that biofuel is the worst of such. I said, well - how did you guys get to the conference? One said - I came on my bike, the other - I walked. I said okay what did you eat for breakfast?

But lets take this a step further, when we eat meat or veg, like the animals we extract a small portion of the "fuel". What remains is the organic liquids and solids that still contain much energy - in fact many times more than we have used for moving, digesting and thinking. So we should consider the FOOD to WASTE to ENERGY paradigm. All organic wastes can be turned into Bio Gas by anaerobic bacteria - holistic, sustainable living would fully utilize this clean energy opportunity and then we would have Bio Fuel from food and feed after it has first been consumed for benefit of growing people and animals. This is part of the Sola Roof Eco Dynamic paradigm for sustainable living. There is abundant energy for everyone - what is missing is the knowledge of how to work with nature.