Bio Gas

Bio Gas is a term used to describe the combination of Bio Methane and CO 2 that is produced from a Bio Digester process - 60% and 40% respectively. An integrated Bio Digester process is essential to the complete closed cycle systems for water, Nitrogen and CO 2 that is the goal of our Eco Dynamic concept for buildings that produce Food + Energy.

Bio Gas is a Future Energy solution to the impending crisis of Peak Oil; it is a clean Bio Fuel which is carbon neutral if CO 2 is released and is a negative carbon process when the CO 2 is not released to the global atmosphere but is retained and fully utilized in our closed atmosphere Sola Roof greenhouses and other buildings adapted to the Sola Roof.

The primary conversion of solar radiation to the Biomass Crops that is used to generate the Bio Gas is photosynthesis by plants and algae. The Sola Roof approach to Biomass Production in Contolled Environment? will utilize both plants and Mass Algae Culture methods that are directly integrated into the Sola Roof requiring only a reasonable incremental investment that is an option for every Sola Roof greenhouse or building.

We need to quantify the rate of Bio Mass? formation and ongoing conversion to Bio Gas by means of the integrated Bio Digester system. With CO 2 enriched atmosphere growing we anticipate that formation of 100 Kg of carbohydrates per year per square meter is realistic.