Peace Trek

Peace Trek - a prelude to Star Trekking? – a near term vision for living together successfully on our home planet.


Eco Living is an alternative lifestyle and requires individuals and groups to pioneer in new domains of knowledge and manifest new social patterns - as one path to Eco Living we propose Peace Trek, which places the participants on a Peace Trek: a search for a passage through space/time to reach our goal of a sustainable, peaceful world. This goal is viewed as being an accessible alternative to the world we are now experiencing. Through collaboration and intentional action we can we can pioneer an alternate path to the future of our dreams so that we may avoid the future of our nightmares. The mainstream society is on a road to future of scarcity, conflict and fear; our “be the change” Eco Living Pioneers chose to step off of this highway to destruction and begin to break a trail that others may follow to safety. Such leadership of a relatively small band of individuals who have the courage to assist first “the least among you”, the homeless, can make a difference and have a global impact today through the power of the media, including the internet.


As an innovator my role is to create technology that can enable pioneering individuals, families and groups of people to shape a sustainable lifestyle that will provide inspiration and direction to the majority, who feel disconnected or powerless (because of poverty or other constraints) to create change in their lives. Individuals can undertake DIY projects but it is much easier to work in groups. Where an actual group is not possible then a virtual support group can help. I am gaining much encouragement from the Sola Roof (virtual) community and I would like to extend this support system as far as possible, which is why I am proposing this project should be initiated by consortia of like minded organizations.

I believe that I have, as an inventor, produced some of the key components that will enable us to break away from non sustainable lifestyle to which the majority of people in the industrialized countries are addicted. The new lifestyle will release our community from being captive to the unhealthy growth economy and consumer "rat race" and would provide everyone the opportunity for self reliant living that is sustained by the "natural abundance" of Creation. We will build homes and communities that are substantially self sufficient in food, water and energy production and will not only provide cost effective and efficient shelter but which will use "free" ambient energy to provide comfortable, productive controlled environments in any climate or season.

The Eco Living vision also embraces the spiritual dimension found in every person, which is a source of strength and innate knowledge of truth and the origin of our creativity. It will bring beauty, peace and joy into our everyday life. I feel certain that humanity is now striving for true self knowledge that will enable us to live at peace with each other and with the planet; to find harmony with nature and develop a "Hyper Natural?" art of living that can bring the human population into balanced with the ecology and the other creatures that share this world with us. We will learn how to live in closed cycle environments that provided complete ecological life support within the bounds of our homes, communities and urban areas so that we need not degrade further the planet's ecology but rather work to restore forests and wilderness and wild life. The present day industrial, chemical, monoculture forestry and agriculture will become obsolete. Eco Living requires an optimum density to our human settlements in place of the current sub urban sprawl; Eco Living is a great solution for groups, villages and communities although individuals can also build homes that are completely self reliant.

Originally authored by Sola Roof Guy, May 16, 2005 and moved from the Home Page to be posted as Peace Trek.

The references below may not be active at this date, January 26, 2009

I thank Geoff Gilbertson founder of, Nicole le Compte, founder of the for their association with our program and I welcome other collaborators to further enhance our capacity to contribute to use ICT to build Online Communities, which can support real world developments. Together, we have an abundance of concepts and creative proposals that will advance community building in both the virtual and the real world. The intention to dedicate our work to Open Source accessibility is a key factor to encourage collaboration, which is demonstrated by Sola where I as founder and other Open Authors will fully disclose all technology and where, using a Wiki, all experiences with of this method to build "living structures" are openly shared.