Life Synthesis

I have set aside my interest in personal enterprise until the Global Sola Roof Coop, PODnet is launched. The success of PODnet will create the environment for the kind of business development that I would feed my spirit. I put this ahead of any other consideration: save the earth from ecosystems collapse. Humans are the cause and we can be the solution.


The Life Synthesis enterprise is my personal enterprise through which I intend to engage through consulting contracts with any collaborators who want to lead by example and pioneer together new patterns of commercial cooperation that will secure sustainable livelihoods for all our members. Alone, we cannot fulfill our mission but together we can build the future of our dreams. Therefore, I am proactively establishing a global business as a Social Enterprise? on the principle of an "Open Organization?" - as an innovative enterprise both in purpose and structure. See the Life Synthesis Manifesto - and please consider joining our global collaborative community!

As the inventor and visionary, I will focus my personal effort in support of Sola Roof activity, wherever it is strongest while also looking to visit locations where there is interest and receptivity to establish new Sola Roof and/or POD Net? enterprise under the cooperative umbrella of an Open Source community. Our Global Leadership is forming in Iceland and much of my time will be invested with the establishment and promotion of the Sola Roof Coop.

My Life Synthesis activity is "open" and transparent in every sense. I apply the principle of "working openly" with full, Open Source Disclosure. With others who are working in the Ethical Public Domain? we will participate in the development of the Creative Commons?. The Sola Roof Coop is open ended in its organizational structure and there is room for anyone that would like to participate. Please consider joining with POD Pioneers, in your locality or at a national and global level so that we can mobilize our skills, talent and experience to enhance our collaboration. We are focused on getting the job done as soon as possible, since in the time that you read this a child has died needlessly of hunger, bad water or preventable disease. This must stop.

Our work enabled by in depth knowledge of Sola Roof CE Apps and Blue Green solutions that are affordable, accessible and adaptable to every situation, so that individuals, in their homes, and communities in their built environments, can transition to an Eco Living lifestyle. We are on the learning curve with our clients in the first wave of personal transformation and our network exists to support exemplar projects where self directed learning and self knowledge is the first step and is followed by sharing and teaching which builds ever greater capacity and deeper understanding of our work: the synthesis of Architecture and Ecology that is the foundation for an Eco Living lifestyle where we will find abundance and peace.