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Life Synthesis is a lifestyle centered enterprise network providing an Eco Living lifestyle products that will contribute to cross cultural understanding and peace. This Social Enterprise Network?, which we call SE Net is an incubator for lifestyle transformations and community transitions (see Transition Towns?) that will encourage a new, Eco Living lifestyle to emerge; born of the creative energy of a global Open Source collaboration and Open Eco Community. The Life Synthesis commercial activity creates a process for immediate action in support of the Sola Roof Foundation? which will focus our Pay It Forward? contributions from the global community on Eco Living project development in poor and marginalized communities that are most threatened by dangerous Climate Change?.


The Life Synthesis enterprise and our FEED Collaborative? group will explore, in the context of non profit projects or commercial use, the Open Source paradigm for development, which is able to encourage a fully open and mutually rewarding collaboration. Open Source is not the same as "Free" or "Public Domain" - it is an environment of full disclosure and no secrets - but it also respects the rights of authors (Open Authors) of original works to retain full credit (Attribution Rights) and compensation for use of their original works or derivative works. Such natural rights are not reserved when creative works are transferred to the Public Domain. At the same time my proposed approach to Open Source removes the restrictive “control” that are inherent in the traditional approach to intellectual property since there is no exclusion and our Ethical Public License makes our technology accessible, affordable and adaptable to all types of use.

Life Synthesis will create Eco Centers, which are to be "living laboratories" where groups may live or reside from time to time, or for study days or weeks; places where the pioneering individuals will congregate and innovate; and where leaders of both the developer and user communities may experiment together to create Eco Living lifestyles. It has been suggested that there are tens of millions of "cultural creatives", receptive to change, who will become the user community and within this community will be thousands of innovators - this is the developer community. However, individuals are unable, each one on his/her own to implement change - it takes a community - or at least a group - no one can work in a vacuum; individual change requires complementary social and environmental transformation. It is our choice to work as a first priority with the homeless and to help with the objective: To Make Povety History?. This is the context in which our real world projects, such as Eco Villages, can facilitate such broad transformation.

We intend to create a network of “Eco Shelters?” that are nomadic shelters used by an itinerant population of homeless refugees who have been displaced due to natural disaster, climate change and conflicts. These Eco Shelters? provide a place where the homeless can live and work together in cooperative friendship and acquire learning experiences with Eco Living. Each of these facilities, which are supplied and supported by Life Synthesis with Eco Living Pioneers? and Volunteer Travelers is a living experiment that will enhance our understanding of Eco Living; youth in our global community will be encouraged to contribute some time and energy to the Peace Trek, which is a lifestyle which will have a minimum environmental impact and will help deploy solar and ecological life support systems to the Eco Shelter program.

The virtual, Online Communities can support the formation of groups and projects that will plan and implement the building of these Eco Shelters? for both developers and users. These patterns will be easily replicated so that multitudes of residential communities would spring up as an Eco Village movement. The special environment we create for living, studying, working and recreation is a key to facilitate change. The Eco Village environment is not only about technology but it is a social dynamic that helps foster social interactions and provides an energizing, spiritually uplifting feeling and experience.

The pioneering projects such as the Eco Shelters? developed and used by Life Synthesis can facilitate distribution, duplication and diffusion of the Eco Living results obtained by the early adopters and development community. Thus training, skills development and technology transfer should always be an important component of any project's business plan. The essential idea is that Eco Living is a Vocation and consists of skills that can be learned and will be in great demand as and when the necessity for the vast majority of people to transform lifestyle is understood. We do not need a new generation of automobiles or power plants as much as we need a new generation of people that have harmonized their lifestyles to align with the concepts, technology and ethic of sustainable living and sustainable livelihoods.

Sola Roof Guy Richard Nelson solaroof@yahoo.com http://www.solaroof.org http://groups.yahoo.com/group/solaroof Together we can BUILD a sustainable future