Website Creation Help

The first thing to do is to register your participation here by listing your UserName at Sola Roof Members page in the format {{~UserName}}. This will establish your Profiles/UserName page, which we refer to as a Profiles Page. From your Profiles Page you can link to your own Personal Space, which is a personal Wiki Group that is in the format of UserName/UserName. This is also a personal Wiki where you can build a Personal Website, Enterprise Website and/or describe your Sola Roof Projects. In addition we can participate in Group or Team Wiki for collaborative projects. Usually I would recommend that the homepage of a Wiki Group to be the page where the group name and the page name are the same, for example: SolaroofguyLog/SolaroofguyLog, which displays as Solaroofguy Log or Eco Sphere. This is the best page to use as a homepage because you can also write it as Eco Sphere and the link is automatic across all groups.

I am also recommending that this GroupName/GroupName that is the homepage of a group also be used as a starting page for a Blog that is a feature of each group. This makes page creation more automatic since pages are named by date and the owner or visitor to a group can create a page without the need to assign a page name that refers to a topic or "subject". I was previously calling this a Log but I propose to refer to this function as a Blog because most internet users are aware of how a Blog is used. I think that a Wiki Blog is a very useful communication feature and is more flexible than standard "Blogging" software.

All such Personal Space can be found through links from your Profiles Page that serves as the portal for other Sola Roof Members to find information in your personal part of the Wiki. Remember that Personal Space is Not A Private Space but an area that is used to build your team and show your individual or group activity. Let us know what is happening by posting changes to your Profiles Page; each time you update this page there is an automated "feed" to Member Activitywhich is our invitation to have a look at parts of your Personal Space.

These services are only for those who actively contribute and participate in building our community. There will be an Honor Payment contribution requested from those who can afford to help financially. Nobody should "freeload" our Common Heritage? but eveyone should feel privileged to support our grass roots initiative to support sustainable living.

Okay, so as I understand it, my Page Names here will not confict with others on the Sola Roof Wiki and can be "grouped" as to style by using a unique "skin" that would not effect the rest of the Sola Roof Wiki but would define how my pages will display.

Yes, they'll be in PageName? the group would need to be configured to use the new skin.

Also, I could customize the Sidebar of this Homepage to assist navigation around my grouped pages and back to pages of the Sola Roof Wiki, while in addition I still have the header to link to the Sola Roof Home Page.

you need to create Solaroofguy.Side Bar?, otherwise you'll be editing Solaroof.Side Bar?. This needs to be defined in a custom php config file for your group. Not user editable. We'll need to figure out a way to resolve that.

I have started to edit my Side Bar? as you can see - but when I click on the the Tips For Editing I go to another Side Bar and I loose the Solaroofguy Side Bar. It would be nice if one could navigate the entire Wiki while retaining the Solaroofguy Side Bar but I guess these pages in different sections of the Wiki are associated with their own Side Bar.

Recent Changes hereabove will just track changes within these grouped pages.

Umm, no, not by default. It can be configured (i think) in a separate php file for that specific group

This is sometimes referred to as a FrontLawn - a place where off topic restrictions are relaxed so that we have the chance to get to know each other better.

I have just returned from a very exciting visit at the Eden Project and I will know in a week or two if they will merge some of their activity with our Open Source community.


Do you find this image too small? It's good for a wiki page, bigger things can be better accommodated in your Solaroofguy gallery album.