Wiki Web Log

I have just been exploring the use of our fine Pm Wiki engine to run a WikiWebLog that will not be confused with other Sola Roof Member? Logs since it runs from my Personal Website. You can see how the Wiki Web Log works by visiting my Personal Solaroofguy/WikiWebLog, where I invite you to say hello. If there is an entry of some general interest then I will change my Profiles/Solaroofguy page to announce that a recent entry has been made at my Log. If it is a personal interaction then I might not make note on my Profiles page. Since Pm Wiki automatically uses User Name? to indentify those who participate by creating or editing pages then this is mechanism we can use to build personal networks and relationships.

I would like to see what others think of this efficient way of keeping in touch. It is personal and not overly automated and is very flexible and powerful way for us to build some personal space while continuing to contribute to building the SOLAROOF Knowledge Base. It is also a little more private and some may find this less intimidating then working in the Sola Roof Wiki - a good place to practice and perhaps build up some content that will become good material to move to a Topic Page in the Wiki at some point.

Remember that these are not private Logs and that anyone might grab some content from your Log and use it to derive some work of their own. Please give credit and preserve attribution of authorship where it seems appropriate. This could include a link back to the source material.