Page Name

Every group has its own "name space" and this is a general example of how a page is "named" and thus created. Any Wiki Word within a group like Page Name will be an active link within the group. Pages, like Wiki Word that are external to the group need the full name - for example PmWiki/WikiWord is an active link here only because the entire name is used.

Page Names are formed by capitalizing two or more words and stringing them together. It is intuitive and simple. A Page Name always has a place within a specific group all our pages that are created in every group are found in the Site Map. I would like to see this page list feature developed to only display the pages of groups that a member has chosen as "favorite" groups. This will be helpful as we grow. Also, Recent Changes, in any group will list all the pages, with the most recently edited or created at the top.

The left Side Bar is the navigation aid for the Group that you are visiting. It can contain links within the Group and to related Groups or the wider community, for example quick links to the Sola Roof group.

Groups working on similar subject area may use the same Page Name and we can use the right Side Bar to display active links to pages in other groups that are similar by name.

Within any group any page is a hyperlink just by using the PageName. So, in the Design In 3 D group, on the Cad Packages page we have a list of various drawing packages and we have named each one as a Wiki Word, such as JFDraw and QCad. It is always best to make a common sense Wiki Word, usually singular rather then plural (except for pages like Cad Packages that would list the CadPackages that we want to discuss). On this page I would have created AutoCad rather than the link [[Autocad]] - but it's not a big deal - everyone will create page names with a slight difference than another person would - so in general just go with the Page Name that is first used. I will want to look into the situation for changing names of existing pages without breaking existing links.