Social Enterpise Network


In an increasingly urbanized world with expanding populations and unsupportable growth in consumption, the SOLAROOF Social Enterprise Network (SE Net) will manufacture, supply, build and service self-reliant homes, urban developments and rural villages that lead to a new, sustainable pattern of living – called Eco Living. The SOLAROOF community will develop a distributed SE Net of technical service and support provided by professional individuals, groups, businesses and organizations that are linked in a global business network that will both serve and cooperate with a vast Open Source community of Sola Roof Members. The certified SE Net commercial business members will not place profits above our common goal to build a sustainable future which is accessible, affordable and adaptable to all climates, social and cultural contexts. SE Net will encourage the cooperation of commercial businesses, non profit organizations and charities towards the goal of support for our Grass Roots sustainable living initiative that directs assistance to those most in need of Pay It Forward funding support.

Recognizing that communities everywhere are facing serious restrictions and possible disruptions connected with resource depletion, climate change and ecological “carrying capacity” collapse, SE Net businesses will secure long term viability and profits of the “Eco Business? community” by developing materials, components and product packages for sustainable living. SE Net will deliver Eco Living solutions that respond to our common challenges in the first decades of the new millennium that are based on practical, profitable and ecological solutions for human habitat in urban and rural settings – that will open the door to a better, secure and peaceful world for all.