Pay It Forward

The Open Source use of Sola Roof technology has the ethical requirement for the user to make an Honor Payment for non-commercial use, such as personal DIY use that can benefit individuals directly, without any profit motivation. Commercial users will also make such payments as a condition for licensed use of Sola Roof Tech.

The non-commercial users can thereby collectively mobilize a vast resource for poverty eradication. As the inventor I am asking all end-users to make an ongoing commitment to a contribution to humanitarian projects that focus on disaster relief structures and community based initiatives to build sustainable solutions for elimination of poverty and hunger.

As an Open Source community we have "free use" in the non-commercial sector, however if we do account for the personal benefit and take a minimum of 1% of this and Pay It Forward to help others who are struggling with poverty and have been marginalized by the defective economic and financial systems, then we can help to right the wrongs of the system and build a better world.

The Pay It Forward funds can go direct to community based projects or can flow through the Sola Roof Foundation which should be formed for this purpose and will operate to establish Pay It Forward projects that will operate as social enterprise and each of these enterprise will also be non-profit in that all of the surplus earnings will also go to the Pay It Forward enterprise.