Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and the Creative Commons

The Sola Roof Community is developing a strategy to protect the rights of our IP Contributors (including Authors, Designers and Inventors who provide written content, illustrations, industrial designs, know-how and inventions) by reserving rights for the Open Authors? thereof to recieve a reasonable and direct compensation while working within an Open Source environment. Non exclusive licenses to such IP are automatically granted to commercial manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of services and our Sola Roof CCPL? will automatically reserve a Heritage Income? for the Creative Commons as well as a Legacy Income for the IP Contributors. Those Open Authors? that provide content to the Sola Roof Wiki recognize that they thereby transfer to the Sola Roof Members and to the registered SE Net manufacturers and service providers the benefit of the use of their Intellectual Property as specified in the 'Sola Roof CCPL?.'The grant of non exclusive rights includes permission to develop, manufacture and market products, including Sola Fabric, Bubble Tech apparatus, envelope to structure locking systems and structural adaptations, which tie the whole building system together. Rights not specifically granted to the SOLAROOF Open Source Community, remain vested with the contributing authors.

Each OpenAuthor? should identify the specific Intellectual Property that is contributed and note any exceptions to the Sola Roof CCPL? (the" Sola Roof Creative Commons Public License). IP Contributors is an index of Open Authors? who are declaring the contribution of specific IP.