Sola Roof Foundation

The Sola Roof Foundation is the legacy that I call upon you to help build with me and together with all the friends of Sola Roof around the world. The purpose is to build exemplar projects in communities that are most marginalized by the global warfare system and threatened by Climate Change. These are Light House projects that will show a way forward in difficult situations and dark times. Our projects of all kinds will demonstrate the regenerative, closed ecosystems solutions that are enabled by Sola Roof Tech. Within our built environment we will co-create the Agri POD solutions and other Ecomimicry Architecture that provides for FEW 4 All - Food, Energy & Water for All. This is the solution for health and wellbeing of the people of the whole world and for the recovery and restoration of the Earth's ecosystems - humanity will thrive in balance with Nature that recovers to a largely wild state with untrammelled diversity and beauty that will be protected and nurtured by people who live freely, abundantly and in peace with one another and with the whole of life on our one and precious home, our Earth.