Hi Gavin, perhaps we can establish a group in China who can work together to establish a DIY Food project - I would like to see several projects in China during this year. My goal is to have 350 locations with solaroof greenhouses that enable DIY Food.

This goal is to bring to mind that we need to reduce CO 2 in the atmosphere to 350 ppm, which is the cause of the global movement: 350.ORG - I would like to celebrate with them a DIY Food day on 11/11/11 when we will connect 350 sites to the world to show that we can all have abundance of pure water, nutritious food, clean energy and comfortable affordable shelter. All that is needed is simple materials and the knowledge to work with water and living plants. Our technology applies Biomimicry Technology (working with nature); our design takes the form of Eco Architecture? (living structures); our method is to "work openly" by sharing knowledge and experience; the action plan is self-help (learning self-reliant living) and then to help others (Pay It Forward).

Be a producer: generate surplus of food, water and energy locally. This assures wealth and prosperity. Build a sustainable foundation; then you can add other things to your life without harm (without taking) from anyone. If you are self-reliant in your garden/home you can contribute to building a sustainable community by example. All current world challenges and crisis are due to people failing to take personal responsibility to take action and do the work to live without burdening others. Turn to nature and you will find all essentials for living abundance provided in abundance. Because life is not supported by the man-made but by the gifts of nature (creation or some say God). By working with nature we can enhance that natural abundance but by exploiting and degrading nature (depleting soils, destroying eco-systems and eco-diversity, polluting our environment) we are forced into deeper and deeper crisis of scarcity of essential resources for life support.

There is a right way and wrong way to apply technology and the industrialized nations are mostly getting it wrong and so doing harm to people and plant. The problem is that the wrong way (exploiting and extracting) can be very profitable and so powerful forces of greed lead people and society down the road to disaster. But this global crisis has a solution in the backyard and home of every family. Urbanization will be a powerful factor in our future - but not so bad as most people think - since Sola Roof is a solution for our built environment - it is a technology to bring nature and eco-systems into our homes and communities that will produce food, water and energy security. The big paradigm shift that is needed is to begin to build homes, communities and cities using Eco Architecture?.

Hi Richard,

Just read your proposal for potential establishment of some DIY projects in China. Let me know if you need any assistance, I will be more than glad to help.

Regards, Jishi

Hi Jishi, I sure would like to have your help. My focus in 2011 is on DIY because I see the breakthrough for growth of our global community will be found when individuals take personal responsibility for self-reliant living at home and in the backyard - new knowledge and new ideas make it possible for families and communities to localize food and energy production/consumption and transition to renewable/sustainable lifestyle.

Form a team - working in groups is best - build a small project to begin. Show others your results and share your experience here. You can set up a personal Profiles Page here: http://www.solaroof.org/wiki/Profiles/JinJishi?action=edit so that others who can help organize a Sola Roof project in China can get in touch with you. The next step could be to set up a Group here help organize team activities.

We can share some ideas about how to get Sola Roof moving in China - participation is the key - those who want to DIY need to step up and get it done. Lets make 2011 a breakthrough year!