Cad Packages

JF Draw is a Java program that is a fairly intuitive CAD package. It will run on any computer / operatinmg sytem that has Java available (and that is almost everything). It is fairly easy to use, is free, and open source. Unfortunately, it does not put out Autocad formated files and some people expect that.

Within this group any page is a hyperlink just by using the PageName. So, the above page is just JF Draw. It is always best to make a common sense Wiki Word, usually singular rather then plural (except for pages like this that would list the Cad Packages that we want to discuss).

QCad is a free program in version 1.5 and earlier. It is available for Windows and Linux. It is included in many Linux distributions. It produces files in Autocad format. Undortunately it is as difficult to get started in as Autocad. - Bobby