Table Of Content

Franz Nahrada December 29, 2011, at 07:09 AM: Is there a way to build a survey / list of a name space automatically? Which means basically at least a list of subpages.

You can enter the name of the group or Sub Wiki followed by backslash - for example GroupName/ in the SearchWiki field (upper left of each page above the left navigation menu) and you will get a search page that lists all pages in that group. Or, if you click on Recent Changes you will get all Wiki Pages listed and the date that they were last modified.

However, I have just noticed that the Recent Changes feature is now listing only pages created or edited in a Group since the date that we have migrated to the usa2k hosting. The hundreds of older pages are not listed by Recent Changes - I am asking Jim if he can bring back the complete historic listing (by date of last activity) of all Wiki Pages.

However, the above are still not a replacement for a system for creation of a Table Of Content - which might need to be created manually since a good table of contents is not alphanumeric listing or by date of activity but by subject and topic/subtopic - in Pm Wiki we do have a feature called a Wiki Trails and I have thought that this feature can be used to create a form of table of contents which is an index or perhaps multiple Indexes that can be created by members of the Group so that there is not just one Table Of Content but several.