Ten April Log

This is my first entry in the log

10 APRIL 04

Here is the idea for a completely interactive Log that is easy to use and has all the capability of a "Live Journal":

Individuals can use the Profiles Recent Changes as mechanism to "feed" to the members of the Sola Roof Community new changes at their personal Wiki Web Log, which would be located at their User Name Website? (This is to become a template). The idea is that we will use our individual User Name?/ Wiki Web Log to share personal thoughts, developments and news by posting notices of changes at our Profiles/UserName with links to the changed pages at our User Name?/ User Name Website? and our Wiki Web Log? (these pages can serve as templates). We can also link to developments at ourUserName/EnterpriseWebsites, UserName/ProjectWebsites can be shared by placing links and notes about these changes on our User Name? page and therefore these would also be flagged by Recent Changes and thus communicated to entire Community. In this way the Profiles/ Recent Changes becomes a hub of community activity that reports blogging and announcements to changes within Group Pages?, while Sola Roof/ Recent Changes will track the changes in the Sola Roof/ Knowledge Base. Sola Roof/ Recent Changes would track the development of the framework of our internal relationships and external relationships; of our Sola Roof Community and Open Eco Community, respectively.

I feel that this is a real breakthrough for using the inherent power of Pm Wiki? to build both collaboration and communication and I am very interested to know what the Wiki Masters? think about these suggestions.

Happy Easter, and God bless all - Rick