Open Manufacturing

Several manufacturers have engaged with the supply of Sola Roof components and systems over the many years that I have been building projects - there have been small and large manufacturing enterprise who have cooperated. In the old days there was much support from Alcan for structural systems.

For glazing there was much cooperation with:

  1. Dupont (Tedlar)
  2. Owens Corning in the years past when they owned Bird Air and Chemfab)
  3. Dow Corning (for Siloxane Resin coating on glass fabric)
  4. Snyder in Ohio for Vinyl (laminate on polyester scrim fabrics)
  5. Fabrene and Intertape Polymer Group for woven-ribbon Poly Fabrics? (these are low-cost but reliable with limited UV stability
  6. GE supplied polycarbonate for some hardware and glazings built for Liquid Bubble? testing
  7. Dyneon, a 3M company which supplies fluoropolymers, including THV which we made into film for lamination on glass scrim fabric
  8. Saint Gobain, who now owns Chemfab and Advanced Plastics and who has supplied glass scrim fabric for our highest quality (UV stable) tension membrane referred to as Sola Fabric?

Now, as we establish the Open Manufacturing of the DIY Kit for the Sola Roof DIY Projects?, I anticipate to see cooperation with a large number of manufacturer/supplier enterprise. One supplier that is likely to be partnering with Sola Roof to supply both commercial Sola Roof Apps and Sola Roof DIY backyard products for households, Sola Tunnels? for Family Farms? and Eco Villages.

In the UK we have cooperative development with NP Structures?

For global manufacturing I have established a venture (all my ventures work under the same Open Source rules as all other commercial users of Sola Roof Tech?) in Malaysia, with Philip Yiin who formed the venture: Life Synthesis Ltd?. For R&D to Prototype, Pilot and Demo of Sola Roof Apps? I have established Life Synthesis in Norway, which is becoming the leader of an enterprise network with considerable capacity.