Profiles Pages

On some Wiki they have "Homepages" for the members and these are listed at a CatagoryHomePage (for example) but here at the Sola Roof Wiki we use this "Profiles" WikiGroup to connect us to the Personal Space that you can build within our Wiki. This provides an enhanced level of communication among our members that is provided by the powerful features of Wiki Group. The Profiles section of the Wiki is a PmWikiGroup? that can provide us a separate channel for communication and interaction among our members. Changes to our ProfilesPage and new pages here all relate to Member Activity rather than our collective work of building the Sola Roof Wiki. It is our "feed" to connect to interesting developments within the Personal Space of members. It is usual to provide this information on you own ProfilesPage but if it is something of importance and general interest a new page could be created in this section.

One purpose of this Profiles/UserName is to provide some personal information (and links to other pages if you want to provide more background). We use our own name jammed together to make a Wiki Word and this is your User Name - but you can use a nickname and introduce your Real Name at your Profiles Page. We reserve the catagory of HomePage for the Your Name Home Page? (this looks like this "YourName/YourNameHomePage" in the Edit Window). Your Website HomePage is the hub of all your Personal Space and this Profiles/UserName is the gateway into that space. However, activites and changes in your Personal Space are not reported at the SolaRoof/RecentChanges because they are about communications rather than community wide collaborative work. What we can do is check the Profiles/RecentChanges in order to track Member Activity, which is a "feed" to notify the community of changes in our Personal Space that could be of interest to others.

Therefore, you use Profiles/UserName to announce changes and new developments at your personal Website, Log or Project areas.