Integrated Food and Waste Management System

George Chan of ZERI are the developers of the Integrated Food and Waste Management System or IF And WMS which is a good fit with our Sola Roof methods but is a field (land based) culture system that is much more sustainable than conventional agriculture. The ZERI methods are compatible with Perma Culture? and will give higher yields for maximum food production through the integration of intensive organic gardening and the use of ponds for fish culture and algae production. They are also using floating crops and raft culture to maximize the productivity of these outdoor ponds.

The above is a quick introduction but much more will be said about the IF And WMS as we build strong links with Georges work. One of the supporters of this system is OneVillage.


Rick, this is what Jeff and I started: http://www.openpeople.info/index.php/OneVillage/EcoCenter

It sure needs to be fleshed out! (I hope to get myself some time this week.) LucasGonzalez