Closed Atmosphere

Closed Atmosphere is a fundamental paradigm shift in conceptual design of Solar Buildings?, since before the advent of Sola Roof technology there has been no practical solution for transparent structures to capture and transfer to storage the large heat gain that comprises about half of the radiant energy of full sunshine. Previous to Sola Roof, buildings with significant glazing have had no possibility of good temperature or humidity control and must rely on rapid air change to vent the hot and/or humid air that would very quickly cause discomfort if the rate of ventilation is reduced. Sola Roof technology enables full sunlight and therefore entry of maximum solar radiant energy into the building, without the need for ventilation. Sola Roof achieves this result without need of ventilation because the Liquid Solar process is so efficient and effective. This process uses the Liquid Cooling technology to remove thermal gain and control the air temperature and to condense humidity from the Closed Atmosphere - where plants are utilized to cool by means of their powerful transpiration system for cooling.

The Closed Atmosphere capability of our Solar Greenhouse and other Controlled Environment buildings has many advantages over the conventional ventilated environments of conventional greenhouses and buildings. We can keep contamination in the air outside from getting into the Controlled Environment. Therefore air-borne contamination, disease vectors and Radioactive Contamination will not gain entry to the Sola Roof buildings and greenhouses and therefore food crops and people within the Sola Roof have a greater capacity for protection and isolation of these living systems from the exposure to dangerous pollutants. At the same time we can keep the H 2 O?, CO 2 and Organic Nitrogen? and oxygen contained within regenerative cycles that assures a greater degree of purity of these cycles. These methods are similar to the technology that is studied by NASA for the purpose of Closed Ecological Life Support Systems.