BG Screens

The Sola Roof method for dynamic Bubble Tech produces a light, relatively dry, high-expansion mass of bubbles - not a thick, heavy, wet foam-like mass of bubbles

Bubble Tech is a dynamic process that is responsive to the environment control needs since the system allows complete regeneration of all bubbles in the roof and wall cavity space, and bubble destruction as needed.

Bubble size is typically from quarter to half inch and a large volume of bubbles will generate quickly from a porous screen material of the type called "reticulated foam" plastic sheeting. I have used this screen material for a couple decades in many situations with great success. Here is a good source of information on this screen material:

There is little back pressure from the good screen material at about 20 to 30 PPI (pores per inch) and 3mm thickness. This is a thinner sheet then is usual and might require a special request from the supplier.

The right screen is significant to the function of bubble generation and regeneration. A low back pressure when wet allows longer straight run Flow Path? configuration using a simple tube axial fan system (like the automotive radiator fans) and a massive volume of bubble flow can be generated with little energy and in minimum time.

This ability to renew all the bubbles is important to control the cavity space temperature - if the bubble mass gets too warm (when shading) or too cold (when insulating over night) then we have cycles of bubble re-generation to bring stored cool or warmth from the liquid thermal mass - read the Sola Roof Wiki pages on these topics and contribute your own findings to the knowledge base.

The low back pressure of these screen materials when dry allows a higher air velocity for Bubble Destruction cycle. Near complete bubble destruction as needed is important if a sunny sky becomes overcast and more light is needed.