Hi, Richard and Ross and friends,

Do you feel the Shelter Systems Translucent Gro Dome? cover is superior to the one you'd recommended efore by Roert Marvel?

Which bubble generator or spray nozzles would be your favorite?

What would be wrong with aircraft cables suspending two sheets of plastic 48" apart vs the lattice chord beams? It would be two non-divided sheets instead of lots of channels created by joists.


Johnny Gregory NC, USA

Hi Johnny, I like tension structures and cable systems can replace more typical truss support for a Sola Roof. The difficulty is the anchors for the cable systems are not very simple.

We should try many types of transparent cover systems. They do not always need to be transparent - translucent materials can be used. Do you have a link to the Gro Dome? - should we create a page for this topic?

The divisions within the cavity space are important to control the "flow" of the bubbles. The bubbles don't go in just one time but are a dynamic process for the cooling or heating that can be necessary several times during a cold night - or when used for a cooling and shading on a hot sunny day. - Sola Roof Guy