Table Of Contents

This is a page where we can discuss the use of a Table Of Contents and also build one for this group. This is a good exersize and would be both useful and instructive. Let's place the discussion below and start with:


<< | Table Of Contents | >>


Let's use real names for the the Chapter Names above.

Now, I think that if we want to "teach" the style of group organization above that we should change the Side Bar or our group to replace Main Index with Table Of Contents. The ideas are the same but Main Index is a technical term, while Table of Contents is something that everyone will relate to and understand.

The other thing to note is the Wiki Trails notation at the bottom of the listed TABLE OF CONTENTS. This will assist the navigation between chapters. Now, each Chapter Name? page can be a Sub Index and also have a list of Page Names? that would be the key pages within the Chapter. On our Side Bar we can change Sub Index to Chapters if we feel this is the way to go. However, will using a "book" format limit our creativity with the wiki? I do not think that "trails" is a good term but the term "index" is quite precise and might be the best word. What is the consensus?