Eco Sphere Concept

Attach:EcoSphere/EcoSphere/DiamondFaceView.jpg Δ This Diamond Face view of the Eco Sphere reveals that its inner structural proportions are based on PHI, the golden mean, which is outwardly reflected in the natural beauty of the transparent gem-like building. The rotation of the two opposite pentagon faces creates a ten pointed star; a dynamic geometric energy that will infuse all aspects of these "living structures". The Solar Controlled Environment within the Eco Sphere will demonstrate the Blue Green solutions which directly provide ecological life support, including food, water and energy. The Eco Sphere will become an Icon that will encompass and integrate the many closed cycles and holistic systems needed to transform our building construction methods; it will present our Open Source solutions for Eco Living. Multitudes of Eco Sphere projects will facilitate the local learning and adaptation of the technology and a global collaboration required of people everywhere as they adopt lifestyle changes and together, BUILD a sustainable future.

Attach:EcoSphere/EcoSphere/DiamondEdgeView.jpg Δ

The Eco Sphere, as an example of a living structure, is a model for the Blue Green solutions, which rely on processes of "water working" (the "Blue) and "living plants" (the "Green") that operate within the solar controlled environment of the Eco Sphere. Like a living cell the Eco Sphere is composed mostly of liquid by weight. The large water mass of the pond, which is enclosed in the base of the structure includes separate tanks and systems to prevent the various liquids (plant culture and algae culture nutrient solutions, soap solution, grey water and water storage systems) from mixing - yet these liquid components are coupled together for thermal exchange and act together as a Liquid Thermal Mass. The transparent envelope of the Eco Sphere is an active and dynamic interface to the external climate. It uses all the advantages of the Sola Roof Tech, including liquid BubbleTech Bubble Technology? and the Liquid Solar processes to capture, conserve and utilize the entire solar energy spectrum with great efficiency and low cost. The result is a building that produces, through Mass Algae Culture for Bio Fuel production, a large net benefit in reduction of CO 2 in the atmosphere, which is a Global Warming Solution and would, if adopted universally, result in avoidance of Dangerous Climate Change.