Dodecahedron Shape

The Dodecahedron is nature's archetype pattern.

Attach:EcoSphere/EcoSphere/Dodecahedron.jpg Δ A closed figure composed of 12 pentagons, each face having an opposite face; 20 vertices; and 30 edges; the shape of close packed bubbles.

Click on the image to the left to explore the mathematical and geometric properties of this fascinating object.

Attach:EcoSphere/EcoSphere/PentagonFlower.jpg Δ more at this link about the Sacred Geometry of the Pentagon in Nature where the connectedness of life and structure is presented in the context the deep spiritual vision of First Peoples of North America.

The Blue Green approach envisions the Eco Sphere shape and form as a biomimicry structure modeled after a living cell and its principal mass is water, which is enclosed within a thin envelope and light but strong structure. At another level the Eco Sphere mimics the self sufficient life support processes of a natural eco system. Thus there will be zero waste discharge and a total conservation of resources based on continuous harvest of solar energy and the use of ambient thermal energy in the immediate environment of the Eco Sphere. All of these functions are facilitated by the form and shape of the dodecahedron structure.
Phytomechanisms of plants and the structure of cells - learn more by clicking on the image link to the right - are patterned on the archetype form of the Pentagon and the Dodecahedron In creating living space we seek to manifest an environment that releases the abundance of nature and an unlimited energy for life support. This pattern is also manifest in social, cultural, economic, and other "structural" and organizational developments of our communities, regions and nations. Click on the image link below to visit the external resource of EcoCityBuilders who have created the diagram below of the nested matrix of patterns. Additionally, even at the largest scale of the universe recent investigation indicates that the very shape of infinite space may be based on the dodecahedron structure.
Attach:EcoSphere/EcoSphere/Photosynthesis.jpg Δ Attach:EcoSphere/EcoSphere/ecocitybuilders.jpg Δ