Eco Sphere Log

Welcome to the Eco Sphere Project Log. It is very easy to use - just follow the proceedure to use the Log set out below:

To see a list of all Log entries click on Log Activity which shows all Log entries with the most recently created or edited at the top of the list.

This is a Team Log. But it is Not A Private Space - it is a place for personal communications among our team that are open to all; an example of "working openly". You are welcome to participate - but you will need to request a password.

You are welcome to comment on any existing Log Page (dates shown in bold on the calendar on the right) by using the normal "Edit Page" link - and then you can insert your comment into the text at the appropriate place (using colour is a nice way to show your text) or comment at the foot of the page. You can also create a new Log Page by clicking on today's date (or any other date if you want to relate it to an upcoming or past event) which will open a page that is named by date (yyyymmdd) so that we can document ongoing activity and collaborate on future plans.