Skype chat today between Dr. Ben Hindley and Richard Nelson

Dr. Ben Hindley: Hi!

Richard Nelson: this month I am focused on Humanitarian Sola Roof project for Haiti
Richard Nelson: it will also launch a kit system for small scale DIY Sola Roof greenhouses using simple structure and system configuration and covered with cheap polyethylene film

Dr. Ben Hindley: Please Send me information on thsat also.

Richard Nelson: the kit will be open to manufacture by all interested parties on a basis of 1% Open Source payment
Richard Nelson: end users (who are DIY) would also make 1% Honor Payment and all these voluntary non-commercial use payments will go to fund community-based humanitarian projects

Dr. Ben Hindley: DIY?? What is this?

Richard Nelson: these community based social enterprise will also commit to "Pay It Forward" so that the replication of projects in disaster situations will snow ball
Richard Nelson: Do It Yourself?
Richard Nelson: DIY

Dr. Ben Hindley: Thanks!

Dr. Ben Hindley: This would fit under my Church Ministry.

Richard Nelson: this is a program for self-reliant recovery and rebuilding of communities - using a social enterprise model rather than an "aid" model
Richard Nelson: Okay, I was thinking of taking this to the Corporate Chaplins Canada mission
Richard Nelson: the key idea is not "aid" but to enAble

Dr. Ben Hindley: Yes that would work also.

Dr. Ben Hindley: Yes that is right. Like teach them to fish rather than send them a boat laod of fish.

Richard Nelson: I have a good friend who is the Ontario Director of Corporate Chaplins
Richard Nelson: his name is Pastor David Smith

Dr. Ben Hindley: Go for it. I am up to my ears in work right now with the Algae business

Dr. Ben Hindley: I can assit if needed.

Richard Nelson: there is only one western office BC Director, Scott Burnett
->Richard Nelson: cell 403 889 2103
->Richard Nelson: sburnett@outreach.ca
->Richard Nelson: Outreach Canada National Office
->Richard Nelson: 2-7201 72nd Street, Delta, BC V4G1M5
->Richard Nelson: OFFICE TEL: 604 952 0050
->Richard Nelson: http://www.outreach.ca
Richard Nelson: through Outreach we can find corporate partners that would share the vision of Kingdom Building? - which will have a sustainable foundation and true Earth Stewardship?
Richard Nelson: I am considering that the Christian led and owned companies who take the Open Source license (agreeing to the Honor Payment of 1% could flow their payment through Outreach to our solaroof projects in the mission field - with first objective Haiti
Richard Nelson: I can introduce you as a corporate partner of Sola Roof who is willing and able to subscribe to such a commitment
Richard Nelson: However, you understand that this Open Source method is very low cost and not intended to be a basis for commercial, profit motivated development
Richard Nelson: the Open Source methods are accessible and use basic, cheap materials that are easily applied in a DIY community

Dr. Ben Hindley: Yes that is fine. I am also working with the United Nations on the Sprillia Project. This will tie together.

Richard Nelson: this DIY community will learn from each other and share best practices - and the homeless will be empowered by the Honor Payments? from the user community to receive the financial suppor so that they can build community based projects
Richard Nelson: wow, that is great

Dr. Ben Hindley: http://www.iimsam.org

Dr. Ben Hindley: I am suppose to start to manufacture small low cost sprillia farms.

Richard Nelson: I was going to write David Smith to introduce this idea today - perhaps I could copy this chat instead of making another effort to put the idea onto paper

Dr. Ben Hindley: once we get the corporate farms up and running and the other projects in place than we can branch out into this area.

Dr. Ben Hindley: Yes that is fine with me.

Richard Nelson: fantastic
Richard Nelson: I will include the BC Director and a couple of other people who might help
Richard Nelson: At the Sola Roof wiki, which is the Open Source knowledge base for Sola Roof technology, I have a sub-wiki called Eco Shelter
Richard Nelson: This has been my thought exercise on this same subject - but perhaps now it can become an activated with a real life project

Dr. Ben Hindley: Yes It can. Pyt my part under Ben Hindley Ministries.

Richard Nelson: the password for editing pages and writing new pages is: moonroof

Dr. Ben Hindley: Thanks:

Richard Nelson: Okay, I will get an email out to our potential supporters - thanks so much for your participation

Dr. Ben Hindley: You are welcome. Have to go to some meeting now and get the manufacturing set up. Will keep you posted. Ben

Richard Nelson: Very good, we will keep this moving, Richard