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UPDATE: Ecoshelter and The Ecoshelter Appeal no longer have anything to do with Solaroof, Life Synthesis or Rick Nelson.

The above update is from Gareth Strangemore Jones and I have let this go for some time without comment - however, recent activity on Facebook with an Eco Shelter group has called for a further update.

I have provided written backup to demonstrate to Gareth that Sola Roof and Richard Nelson do have a valid prior use of the coined word "Eco Shelter" - further it was our initiative that Gareth joined but then wished to take in his own direction. Additionally, he has walked away from the initial team and registered the name we were using as a domain name and as I understand he is dedicating the development of this domain to the same purpose that we would have: a humanitarian project for disaster relief solutions.

We continue to desire therefore interact with "Eco Shelter" as a concept and as a program. I would rather support Gareth's initiative to continue to develop this important theme than to have any loss of energy over how and who is "in charge". In fact I never wished to be anything but a contributor to this project and to suggest where Sola Roof concepts could be used to provide better solutions to "re-housing" and rebuilding communities on a more self-reliant foundation.

It would be my purpose to help to get more action on the Eco Shelter initiative through continuing to support the concept that we can break with old patterns of dependency that grow out of disaster and equip victims with new tools and know how to use Eco Living solutions.

- Sola Roof Guy