Hi, I see you are signed in at Sola Roof and I thought I would just say hello. This week, before Easter, I am home and working on the new business development that will set big things in motion - we should have the deal done in a week or two following Easter. Then I will go to Norway for a while - but I will visit Detroit for a few days about mid month to make sure that we have the USA initiative well under way. So, I hope to see you then. - Sola Roof Guy

I think it would be great to have a chat feature in the Drupal portal - on the front page. Also to establish a Gallery - perhaps it could link to photos and images in the Wiki??

Been real busy at company year end, and now just as busy in the new corporate year. The gallery might even be better as a non-Drupal app. I'll try and find time - working lots of overtime lately.

Glad to hear continued good business news! God bless! - usa2k

It's great that your company is so busy again. We should have more people joining out team to help with the website developments. I have come across this software : http://www.addthis.com/tools/safari?utm_source=ps&utm_medium=img&utm_content=ATSF&utm_campaign=ATSPS4_DL#.T345C3iWEzA

what do you think of addthis?

If I understand that right, its for promoting web pages by individuals to their social networking sites, and is made for Safari browsers?

So the standalone programs like Gallery3 do not have an API to encourage Drupal developers to integrate them into a module.

Brilliant Gallery http://drupal.org/project/brilliant_gallery looks interesting, and actively developed for Drupal. I'll want to setup a demo web page to test out.

Brilliant Gallery looked like a non-strater, still looking usa2k (4/29/12)