Hi! My home page is here Usa2k

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Just another edit test.

I like the wiki blog that you have implemented at your Usa2k group and I see that it gives a different result than the Calendar system that I have been using - where the Calendar appears in the Right Column. In your wiki blog blog entries are listed on the page and the story box is shown below, while with the Calendar I have been using the pages that open with the date as the page name are listed for the month below the calendar - how will it look when you have several months? - Sola Roof Guy

Also, I thought that your group here was Usa2k in the format Usa2k/Usa2k but I see that that group is not created. So, I am confused about how your group is set up.

Usa2k here: I was confused about how to setup a Group.

If you start a page with something other than SolaRoof, like Usa2k/HomePage, then that seems to act as a new group, and the blog software seems to adhere to that, for new posts

I also see typing HomePage will reference the current page's group to form a link. Hmmm

Yet I see SolaRoof links to the Sola Roof page.

Oh, and the blog part is only showing monthly activity of the Usa2k calendar entries. I see it only references calendar posts and not other pages.

Hi Jim, yes the GroupName/PageName is the general page address - only within a Group is the PageName effective as a link - since every Group has its own "name space" with all page names listed under Recent Changes for that Group. That is why I also have the "All Group Activity" on the left Side Bar? and copy the site wide navigation links to the Side Bar? of each Group. And a GroupName/GroupName page links across all Groups - so this "Group Name" is the natural HomePage, Welcome or StartPage for any Group -Sola Roof Guy