Note from Ray Murray to Rick and Jeraldine. It is 1000am on Monday 7th June and I have not been able to access emails over the weekend, so I have just learned of your very very sad news Rick. Here in Almeria we all wish you strength and send our love. Our thoughts and prayers too to the family of Nashria and her friends.

Of course there is no problem at all that you will not be able to be with us here in Almeria this week, and I am sure that we can re-arrange something for a mutually convenient date so please don't give this aspect of things another thought.

Via con Dios


It is Saturday the 5th and later this morning we start our trip to Almeria, Spain. Today we the hovercraft and cross to Dieppe - this one day before the 60th anniversary of the D-Day crossing. I am certain that I will not have an entry every day of the trip but I will post updates as often as I can. Since I will not be picking up my email I will welcome comments and messages here on any of the log pages or any other pages that you would like to link to within my Personal Space - here and at my Website. Just go ahead and click on the Edit Page link at the top of this page and add a note.

Got to get some shut eye. Later, Rick

14:00 GMT Jeraldine and I were just about to leave London early this morning and head for the hovercraft channel crossing when I got a call from Montreal to say that Nashria, the only child of Cleo Golding (who is closer than a sister to Jeraldine) has died from an asthma attack. So, with this sad news we are now waiting to see when we will fly to Montreal to be with Cleo and attend the funeral of Nashira, her daughter of only 19 years.

I have sent an email to Ray Murray, who was to be our host in Almeria to let him know about our sudden change of plans. Your prayers and ecouragment are appreciated. God is in control and we must be sustained by love in this world and the next, and know that while this world is full of tests, difficulties and separation which bring tears and sadness on the physical plane, that it is also the birth place of the eternal spirit.