Do It Youself

There is an urgent need for consumers to start being producers. Locally, sustainably, we each can learn how to be self-reliant and live in security and peace in our homes and communities. That is DIY!

We will eat healthy and by connecting more closely with nature we will have greater capacity to restore the health of natural ecological systems. Scarcity will become an unpleasant memory and the reality will gradually emerge that humanity is destined to enter an era of abundance of renewable resources that will form the base of a universal prosperity.

Is the power of DIY capable of removing the cause of hunger and poverty? - I say yes, because it is people power - and the foundation is personal empowerment and a building a knowledge economy. Sharing the knowledge and experience of a vast global community of users and developers is enabled by an Open Source framework for collaboration. Cooperation is a more effective paradigm for a more successful enterprise economy than has ever been seen, which can function without the concepts of scarcity that is the accepted norm for the competitive economic paradigm. I predict that competition and exploitation will give way to a win-win exchange economy that operates with equity and justice. If this is the change you want to see then take charge of your future - learn to DIY