F 2 W 2 F

The F 2 W 2 F project will develop a radically new and innovative environmental technology for integrated waste-to-food production using ecological transformative processes. The F 2 W 2 F project will reinvent food production by bringing the Eco POD? greenhouse, an innovative new type of closed environment, to the market. World leading in energy efficiency and water treatment, and with a high use of organic waste as valuable input for a closed-loop crop production environment, the Eco POD? will enable sustainable food production with low-energy processes and zero (or minimal) carbon footprint. The F 2 W 2 F project is a strategic part of Life Synthesis partnering with Lindum, together with Eco Innovation project partners in several EU countries.

F 2 W 2 F combines food production and waste management into a closed loop environmental scenario. CO 2 produced during the bio-digestion process will be used during the food growing process to increase food production, and water will be recycled and purified. The horticulture industry is the ideal sector to utilise the F 2 W 2 F innovation. Horticulture needs CO 2 and other minerals to stimulate plant growth, yet existing greenhouses have poor energy performance and a high carbon footprint. If the F 2 W 2 F innovation is realised it resolves many of the most acute shortcomings of greenhouse horticulture in the following ways:

  • Fossil fuel is substituted by biogas from waste digestion;
  • Energy demand is dramatically reduced by the dynamic greenhouse system;
  • Water loss is reduced by closing the production environment, while still taking care of temperature fluctuations by means of thermal and evaporative dynamics;
  • synthetic fertilizers are substituted by digester solid residues and liquid effluent.